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Voter’s Guide 2021 – Maine Township

The Township race is a partisan race with 15 candidates running between both a Democratic and a Republican slate. However, you vote for each person individually.

Positions available include:
* Supervisor
* Clerk
* Highway Commissioner
* Assessor
* Trustees (vote for 4)

Many people are confused about what the township is and does. Click the infographic on the right to read more.

Below is information about each candidate as found online. Each slate was invited to complete a written interview conducted by Maine West students in partnership with SPEAK Des Plaines. Those are linked below.

Candidates are shown in the order they will appear on the ballot as determined by lottery draw.


Though running on a Democratic ticket, this is actually a bipartisan slate of candidates that have chosen to work together under a unified ticket.

View bios here.
* Supervisor: Karen Dimond – Read Interview
* Clerk: Pete Gialamas – Read Interview
* Highway Commissioner: Edward Beauvais – Read Interview
* Assessor: Susan Moylan Krey – No Response
* Trustees:
* Kelly Maron Horvath – Read Interview
* Kim Jones – Read Interview
* James Maher – No Response
* Asif Malik – Read Interview

SOCIAL MEDIA (Includes individual candidates where available)
Slate Website
Slate Facebook
Ed Beauvais – Facebook
Kelly Maron Horvath – Facebook
Kelly Maron Horvath – Instagram
Kimberly Jones – Facebook


May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors

Bios found on their Facebook page below.
* Supervisor: Earl Wilson – Read Interview
* Clerk: Smitesh Shah – No Response
* Highway Commissioner: Jitendra “J.D.” Diganvker – No Response
* Assessor: No Candidate
* Trustees
* Alicia Bailey – No Response
* Roger Shubert – No Response
* Jim Stinson – No Response
* Paul Wronkiewicz – No Response

SOCIAL MEDIA (Includes individual candidates where available)
Slate Facebook
Earl Wilson – Facebook

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